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Complete! Done!


Shipping the books off to a friend who might take them next. Good riddance! LOL!

Next: Apply for Grad school!

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Grandma, what big teeth you have...

I imagine now, that when Little Red Riding Hood got to Grandma's house and found a wolf in Grandma's bed - aside from sudden fright - there was probably a great sense of betrayal. Well, I think I'm experience a bit of both, and a lot of anger. I think this is the first time in my life where just feeling someone's presence in the room utterly disgusts me.

Good things that came out of this:

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Grandma, you laugh like a witch, you lie like a wolf-crier, and 13 days is just too damn long a time before you leave! I know it'll only get worse before she's on the plane and finally, out of my life, FOR GOOD! (YEAH!!!!!!!!!)

Like I said to my Father on the phone, after she complained multiple times - she's still on the phone with her Dad?: "She's not a human being, she's a beast!"

Little Red Riding Hood, you had it good. At least your beast was a wolf, I'm actually related to mine and she didn't eat my grandma... she IS my Grandma!


Well, I guess I got it good since my parents are awesome! Can't have it all be perfect. At least this relative is in another country! Though I can't promise that I won't throw her luggage out of the house before her 13 days are up!!

(Well, technically 12 now. God! As Madonna famously sung: "Time goes by... so slowly")
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Cold war is now going off in the house-hold... except worse...

So, my grandmother came to visit us from China. For most people this may be a moment of rejoicing, reunions, and re-something sentimental...

Unfortunately, not my grandmother since she is the most passive-aggressive, lying, and complicated persone ever.

1. She kept my mom and me up till midnight (despite the fact that we need to sleep at 9-10PM since we need to get up; 5:50AM for me and 7:00AM my Mom) by opening the windows of our apartment (when it's like 0 degrees outside!) saying she needs fresh air... And we specifically told her not to. My mom went around the apartment closing all the windows... and my grandmother has this habit of putting a chair in front of her own door because she's afraid of the burglers, but she's okay with opening the windows outside of her room! >P (She's been doing it since she got here for 3 days in a row and my mom gets sick when she doesn't get enough sleep! Not only that, she keep trying to convince us that the house should be 15 degrees Celsius! And we were arguing about how truly freakin' cold it is if the house was actually 15 degrees... since she thinks that 20 degrees C/72 degrees F is too high. But since she keep opening windows, I foresee the heating bill go up further.)

2. She took all the left-over rice we cooked, and left it out in the open. Now, the rice we were going to use for tomorrow's completely dry and we won't be able to use it tomorrow.

3. She used the cutting board we used to cut bagels and fruits for meat and veggies... because "plastic" to her is cheaper than "wood". -_-;;

4. She is still going on about turning off the heater. God! GWARG!!

5. She has liver disease, but she kept saying it's not "contagious" and try to make us share our utensils with her. She also lied that my aunt shared with her... does she want to give it to someone and just be "sorry" about it?!

6. She cut the power to my computer while it was still on. I come home to a computer with corrupted files. Thank god it was Debian/Linux.. Windows would have given me pissy blue-screens to haunt me for sure!

She's here for 2 more months... I don't know how we're going to survive... or our apartment and our possessions.....

God, I hope I still love grandma by the end of these ordeals!

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The bump becomes a hill becomes a path to a mountain into a snowstorm...

Two straight weeks of non-stop downloading, installing and a million other things...

So, I've finally got fed up with Windows (and its constant - might I say, rather disturbing - error messages about memory errors, and I am working now with a Linux/Unix environment at work, so I decide to install Debian (a version of Linux) onto my computer. I wanted it to be duel-boot, but since, at the time, I did not have a nifty software (like Partition Magic), I tried to rely on Debian to partition my drive (after hours of pouring over which Linux system to install and how the hell to do it). Bad idea.

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If you're wondering why I'm like practically on hiatus the last two months, I hope this gives a good idea of the type of computer problems I've been having. It's not been pretty but I think the roughest parts are over, at least I hope so. But that's my report on the now.

I so learned my lesson concerning backing up my stuff, especially my writings. Seriously, it's just not fun having to rewrite anything from scratch and memories. It is just not a pretty thing to witness or be a part of.

But YEAH! My computer finally works now!

(This probably won't last as my grandmother is coming to visit and I have no doubt that she'll break something. And guess whose laptop she's using to connect online when she's here? Yeah. I'm looking forward to that Apple computer I may be getting for Christmas.)

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Back! Sort of...

Alright! My computer is no longer a sack of deathness wherein things can be looked up. I am seriously considering switching to Linux since work is making me use Unix anyway. But outside of that lost quite a bit of documents which I'm working to rewrite...

But between new job and learning new job stuff and preparing for certification exams, I don't have much time. Good news is that I am more than halfway through FFXII due to complete death of computer... nothing better to do and it kept certain tendencies of rage to subside to lackadasical uncaring. But hey, I'm sorta back!

Have little time to be online but it's going in the right direction!

My mom was really sick today, so I don't have much time but to just give the heads up that I'm back. Off to take care of her..

Poor poor woman.
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A brief intense hiatus wherein blue will get her visa and job and school somehow all done and over

Okay, I know, I have been completely MISSING (if anyone noticed, that is!) for the last five days. I actually left Tuesday evening for Toronto, which was a 1 day and 23 hr trip that became a 2 day and 7 hr trip from where I now live, by bus. I had less than 12 hrs to get everything I left there sorted and repacked and look at the places that I will probably never visit again, as it is a chapter of my life that I was closing, for good!

I had this great plan to eat my heart out, as anyone who knows me knows that my existence revolves around food and then like... books and stuff comes after. But, of course, my breakfast at Timmy's gives me food poisoning. Yes, I did consider murder but at the time I wasn't sure if it was the fried rice I just had an hour before or the Timmy's food, so I had to toss my fab tai rice ;_; and forgo eating anything else should I body vomit my stomach with everything else. Thanks, but no thanks.

To console my spirits which fell into the pits of despair, which, I kid you not, it did. (No, I do not exaggerate that food is really the center of my universe...) I forlornly wondered the mall and wondered if I shall ever be happy again. My one working bank machine was now off-limits and I was saddened to see that I could no longer withdraw money. So, I wondered...


Till, I thought, hell with it, I'm going to buy myself something. It turned out that something was a pair of 120 dollar, leather pumps. Yes, it was overpriced... but they were comfy and pretty and I was no longer forlorn! (And did I mention I just found out that I got my tax returned! Thank, freakin' GOD!)

Anyway, then I bought myself a pair of new yoga pants, because my old sweats that were mismatched at the legs needed to go (people were starting to stare at my over-big tee and my unfashionable pants... and probably snickering behind my back. I wouldn't blame them but it didn't make me any happier, it just dampened my mood.) So after yoga pants, I threw out the ratty t-shirt I had already discarded - it had small holes that foretold its doom long before the trip - and my dryer-slayed pants into the garbage. Good riddance, it was where they belonged! Then I was semi-cute again and swung around the mall, looking for more things to buy. But, alas, the expensive clothing store I went to had nothing I wanted - but I did dampen the mood of that over-enthusiastic, and rather too complimentary sales girl, who was too agreeable to actually be sincere (despite the fact that, yes, I am rather cute in everything I try on, but really, she was trying too hard to please and her smile was just a little fake). Dude, I may be in tees and yoga pants, but who in their right mind would wear nice clothes when they knew they were in another bout of bus travels for almost two-days with unwashed self and unwashed other bodies?! Granted, I did BEG a shower from my old landlord so I will not disgust you with my unwashed self that wasn't really unwashed by then...


Let's just say a lot of sales people ignored me, despite the fact that I: a) Have more money than the stupid teens that cart around their PARENT'S credit cards and b) Was looking to buy something. In the end I decided, screw their snobby attitudes. If I wanted to buy expansive ass jeans over 100 bucks, I'm doing it in NYC where people with snobbish attitudes have a bit more reason than a mall on the edges of Toronto. And hell, I probably wouldn't spend money in NYC if that were the case, but at least I know their clients actually pay them more to actually have a freakin' attitude to begin with! And, hey, no taxes where I live...

So I bit my thumb at them and went on my way with my 120 dollar shoes that were without beautiful pants for a partner or beautiful top for a friend, but I'll have more money to spend next time I go to a city anyway, so screw you Yorkdale mall! I only buy from nice sales people who disregard whether or not I walk around with a hiking back pack and t-shirt and yoga-pants and hair still wet from shower. I will spend my money on them who are nice than you who are fake! BEEOTCH!


Just wanted to get that out of my system.

Oh, and I met five different people for the five nights I was gone. Weird! And I bought and finished Stardust on the bus ride home and reread The Prophet which was as beautiful as the first time I read it... if not more so now. Strange, I bought six things for the six days I was gone.... Huh.

Anywho, symbolisms aside, it was a great trip. Well, food poisoning aside, it was a great trip. And, I finally got a nice pair of comfy pumps to take me to great places. Shoes after all are the homes for your feet ;)

This week is: Speak to lawyer, go to orientation, hand in needed documents, visit border and get visa week. So, yes, more travels, more phone calls, more hectic-ness... and next Monday, if all things work out, there is this thing called Work! If not, there's this thing called school!

Which ever one works out. Most likely work. If all else fails, school.

I don't know how I do it either.

And I'm BACK!

Sort of.

More to come....


Ciao, my friends.
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YES! And change is HERE!

Okay, I have to apologize for really not being very active the last two weeks like I thought I would be. The fact is I've been going through an interview process and trying to clear up a UPS issue and also figure out what classes I want to take at the university.

Well, I got my verbal offer today! CHIYA! After a rush of hard ass studying and reference calling and trying to track down past friends and managers, I got it!

I'm starting work, tentatively at the end of the month and I am so excited!


Okay, anyway, good news aside, I am still editing Sheep and I finally solidified my ideas on key characters in an epic I've been working on FOREVER that's only available right now on my LJ called Sins of the Universe. I am also loving Avatar - I'm minimizing the obsessiveness by watching 3 episodes/day and probably, when I'm done, I'll preorder Season 3 on amazon.com because... I WANT IT!!!

Anyway, I will probably be really busy the next few months, especially with my grandmother visiting from China around October, and my GREs coming up around that time too! So if you don't see me as much that's why. But I'll TRY really, really hard to write a little more consistently!

Much love!! CHIYA!!!!!

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Airbender Made Me Like Something Nickelodeon & I NEVER Thought Would Happen In A Million Years!



This is such a great series! And I'm really enjoying myself! The characters, the humor, the story, everything! And I hate Nickelodeon. I only got up to season 2... I need 3! How will I be able to watch season 4 without 3?!


Cruel fates, show me a light!

In other news, I am on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next translations to be done for Darker Than Black which is shaping up to be a very, very interesting anime. However, with about 10 episodes left, I don't think they will explain everything in this season. Damn them!

I'm looking for the new season of Ghost Hunt though. I heard there's a second one and I WANT TO SEE IT!!!

I did just finish Gakuen Alice which was surprisingly good, cute, and rather cliche. But hey, I teared a lot at the friendship scenes (I'm a big whimp). Anywho, cute but now I want to read the manga to see how it really ended! Now GA deserves a second season!

More news to come but a lot of studying to do. I'm working my way through editing chapter 2 of When All The Good Angels Sleep and it's pretty much the only thing I'm working on. Granted, I am also working on a Makoto fic. Only thing is... it's a great idea that is refusing to start... or confused on where to start. Damn it!

Why won't you work with me, Mako-chan?


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