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A Working Girl's Pair of Pants

(Ribbed skirts - casual, classy and always on the edge of a fashion disaster)

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I'm a writer who has no attention span and little tact. I've got a HUGE appetite for ramen, and considers cooking it an art form. I have an on-again, off-again relationship with anime, but I adore manga! Mitsuru Adachi is my favorite mangaka, and Kare Kano is a close second favorite in manga in general. I love video games, fanfiction, anime, manga, and computers! I have very strong opinions on who I like (pair-wise) unless... I'm too bored to really make up my mind. I do, however, distinguish cannon coupling from couples I enjoy reading about in the fanfic world. Let's be honest here, some of the canon couples that you love on paper or on screen have crappy authors for fans, so it's not my fault if I don't enjoy reading them. But I TRY to be open minded for those I don't particularly enjoy in either world, in case some nice author pounces into it and I miss them. If I don't like something I don't read it, or better yet, I don't continue to put myself through the TORTURE of reading it. I then leave the flaming to those who are immature and have too much time on their hands. My policy, if you don't got something nice to say, don't say it if it's only an opinion. Hell, who knows, some of my compliments are crap, courtesy of me having no tact whatsoever.

Oh, and I like to write about death, depression, loss, and angst, withOUT the melodrama. Nothing rubs me more in the wrong way than melodrama. It really diminishes a person's pain by dragging the reader through something that begs for pity and lacks emotional connection. So, I am all pro-angst, anti-melodrama :) Well, that doesn't mean I haven't toed that line before, I am a writer in progress after all. But hey, I try. And yeah... enough of my ramblings!

*Goes off to write*

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